Parasitic Infection in America

There’s no use denying it, reports of parasitic infection have been appearing more frequently, and in places you might not expect. Some estimates place the infection rate at 90% in the US alone. Another estimates shows that as many as 50% of preschool children are infected with pinworm. With symptoms like; chronic Fatigue, irregular digestion, and irritated bowels, many people will go through they life never suspecting that a parasitic infection is causing their symptoms. This is a major risk to the health of Americans, one which is still under the radar.


Why would Americans worry about parasites? Parasites are found in every economic climate, though they are more prevalent poorer countries. Literally every facet of our survival deal with parasites, such as in our food and drinking water. There are 150,000 different kinds of parasites, and there are even fewer laboratories that do broad spectrum tests.  Parasites are often discovered in surgery, during operation on a failed organ. Not only does this shock surgeons, but I’m certain it shocks patients as well.

Are you at risk? You may not believe your in the risk group. Well, you’re wrong. Do you eat food? Drink Water? (which I’m going to guess you do)  you are at risk for parasitic infection!

Roundworm from pets:  Most cats and dogs have a roundworm infection. By sleeping with your pet, you greatly increase the chance of getting a parasitic infection from them!

Raw fish:  Many parasites can be found in raw fish. Among them, the Anisakis roundworm. This worm can cause fatal organ damage if left untreated. Due to the lack of FDA inspectors, only 10% of fish is inspected. Even still, you cannot tell if a fish is infected just by looking it at. Many can only be viewed on the microscopic level. There no way to tell if fish you’r eating is safe. Cooking a fish thoroughly can help insure any parasites within the fish are killed.

Tap water: There have been many cases of parasitic infections spreading from contaminated tap water. Many hundreds of people have died from this. Many more people continued on, never knowing the sometimes fatal damage being done to them.

Food: Many foods you eat come from other countries, and there is no way to insure your food is not contaminated without giving it a good wash with soap. However, even if you buy local, that doesn’t mean the food is parasite free.


Common parasites found in human intestines:

Pork Tape Worm (Taenia Solium): Infections come from eating raw or under cooked pork  Larvae grow in the body, causing cysts which can occur in the brain, leading to seizure and death.

Round Worms: According to “The WHO” one billion people are infected with round worms. Growing over 14″ long, and laying 200,000 eggs each day, these worms can cause intestinal blockages. Symptoms include rashes, stomach pain, asthma, eye pain and more, often depending on what part of the body houses the infection.

Pin Worms: An infection commonly found in children. The CDC states in some countries the infection rate is as high as 61%. Children can often get pin worms from playing dirt. Usually there are no symptoms but itching of the anus. Children are at high risk for parasitic infections.

Giardia Parasite: Giardia is the most common intestinal parasites in people. Contaminated water, food, or soil. Symptoms may include fatigue, diarrhea, stomach cramps,   nausea, and chills.

Whip Worms: Infecting more then 500 million people, this worm can lay over 10.000 eggs per day. The eggs are often found in dry goods such as grains, beans, and rice.  This worm causes blood loss that will lead to anemia.

Hookworms: A microscopic worm that sucks  your blood through your intestinal wall. Damage to the intestinal wall causes blood loss, leading to anemia. This worm has been known to get into the heart, causing a fatal infection. Animal feces often carry hookworms.  There are few symptoms that accompany this infection, and are often not experienced until there is damage to the heart or intestines.


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Morgellons Awareness

Having lived with Morgellons disease for just over three years, I’d like to share certain awarenesses, in the hope that it will help prevent people from making the same mistakes that I did.


Almost everyone that comes down with Morgellons immediately assumes that they are dealing with some sort of insect infestation. This usually triggers a frenzy of activity clearing the environment of unnecessary belongings, using chemicals to kill invaders and exposing oneself to further environmental toxicity. Been there, done that.


I was just as insistent as everyone else in this community, in the belief I was infested with bugs. After all, I’ve been on this planet for 56 years and know what a darn bug feels like. What I didn’t know (and couldn’t hear at the time) was that a severe histamine (allergic) reaction can mirror the sensations of bugs crawling on the skin to the point that it is virtually impossible for the individual to discern the difference. Unfortunately, it’s as if our brain has only has one wiring system to deliver these two distinctly different messages to the physical body. Having never experienced a histamine reaction, one couldn’t possibly know the two could be identical. Call it a flaw in our design, and take it up with the Creator.


At least allow yourselves to keep an open mind to the possibility that you are not crawling with bugs, but that these are SYMPTOMS. The nervous system is reacting profoundly to some sort of allergen, pathogen, or other toxic event that is triggering it to into high red alert.


It was only during the act of healing, that I was able to understand this concept.

Over a period of 3 to 4 months, the symptoms of itching, biting, stinging and crawling started to quiet down, as if the volume were being lowered a tiny bit each day—until they completely subsided. This did not feel like bugs dying, it was something altogether different—the body slowly just stopped reacting.


In your travels, you will hear that Morgellons is a mite, a nanobot, a worm, or other parasite. Keep in mind though, that a parasite can be a spirochete, protozoa, fungi, mycoplasma, etc. and should be viewed as something separate from the crawling sensations on the skin which are in most cases symptoms.


My feeling is that there is a parasitic component involved (along with other complications), based on the high “positive” that is showing up on DNA stool tests showing “non-human parasite, taxonomy unknown”—and positive results for the new protozoa, Dr. Fry, of Fry Labs discovered. We know that Morgellons sufferers have high bacterial and fungal levels as well and those getting tested for heavy metals seem to be carrying a lot of toxicity. It seems that that Morgellons might be a multi-layered, multi-faceted disease.


For all those people in the forums that are vehemently convinced to the point of evangelical proselytizing that these sensations of the skin are a bug or nanotechnology, please consider that the world is watching. It is bad enough, that our families, physicians and governments do not believe this disease is real and label us with a mental illness, but a community in which there is so much divisiveness lessens our credibility in the eyes of the general public, which is all too willing to discredit us—and for good reason. We often sound unstable. If you do not have scientific proof to back up what you think is going on, try to keep an open mind.


Now that I’ve said all this, I want to qualify my thoughts. There are those in the Morgellons community that truly are having issues with bug infestations of their skin. Clearly, something in the human condition is severely broken to allow us to be host to foreign organisms like this. A co-infection in which the bodily terrain is so compromised that it can be invaded by foreign organisms, is not the general norm for this community—however it does exist.


Most people experiencing the sensations of crawling, itching stinging and biting, do the obvious and exterminate. It is imperative to know first if your environment is the cause. We know that the Morgellons infection can be delivered through a variety of bug vectors—mites, scabies, spiders, ticks, bedbugs, etc. One way to figure out what is going on, is to call in a professional exterminator. If they check your environment and tell you there are no bugs, embrace the idea that maybe this is the disease. Another way to get a reality check is to see if other people that live with you or visit are experiencing your sensations. If you are the only one, that is an indication that maybe the problem is internal and not external.


Extermination in this case, is not going to serve you well and it poses a moral dilemma for any professional you’ve called in, who is not supposed to spray if they cannot find evidence of infestation.


There is often a toxic component to this illness, as many of us who have been tested know. By spraying unecessary chemicals you may be overburdening a body unable to detoxifying itself, thus creating an even greater problem.



Food On the diet pH page I talk more about food, but it bears repeating elsewhere. The food you eat can have a dynamic affect on your symptoms. I have experienced a full return of itching and stinging by eating one too many products that triggered me (carbohydrates), i.e. a bagel on one day and three health-food cookies, two days later. This full body reaction, took a good two weeks to calm down before symptoms left me completely. If your diet consists of processed foods, GMOs, high sugar, high carbohydrate denatured foods, it will be hard to become symptom-free without making changes that nourish the body instead of fueling symptoms.


Common sense tells me that families with more than one member infected might not necessarily be an indication of contagion (although I can’t discredit that), but might have to do with having similar genetic material, such as a mother and child, with the possibility of a common weakness making them susceptible to the disease.


People ask me all the time about contagion and I have no answers. I’ve heard convincing stories with opposing positions. Dr. Ginger Savely has seen hundreds of Morgellons patients and has not gotten ill from them. As far as I know, she doesn’t believe it’s contagious. Yet, I have heard of people getting infected from contact with someone in the throes of crawling, itching and stinging while spending time relatively little time with them. Usually, they’ve been in close contact, in a car or slept in the same bed.


I do not believe at this stage, that I am contagious, and I am out living among those that are healthy without fear of making them ill. If there is a contagion factor, think of all those people that currently have fibers in their skin but have no symptoms of Morgellons. These are the folks that are handling (and putting back) vegetables in the supermarket with their bare hands. So if it is contagious, it’s likely most will have been exposed. If you are in the early stages of the disease, where you are experiencing crawling sensations and feeling miserable, my advice would be to refrain from pursuing intimate partnerships at this time.



Parting thoughts Becoming ill with Morgellons is psychologically devastating to the individual. I believe that many of us suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Faced with a situation in which there are more questions than answers, uncertainty about what we are dealing with and how to treat it, lack of empathy from the current medical extablishment, including lack of support from family members and friends who will not acknowledge this disease as real unless an “authority” tells them so, has a huge negative psychological impact on the Morgellons sufferer. Many withdraw, suffering with deep emotional pain and isolation that has in some cases driven them to take their lives. To top things off, we are told we have a mental illness by those “authorites” that stand united in ignorance.


There are thousands of people turning to the Internet in the hope of finding help. For this we are branded as Internet “fadists” as if Morgellons were a hysterical disease that could be caught by reading websites. We just can’t seem to catch a break. It is a long road back to healing, but many of us are succeeding in recovering our lives.


There are so many in our community who are researching and studying, and already in the few years I’ve been sick, I see progress. We are figuring out how to manage and we are sharing. I look forward to the day when we will have enough answers to help guide others through this experience in an intelligent fashion.


It has taken me these three long years, to come back to a sense of being myself. Not knowing if I were contagious to others, I went into self-imposed isolation for ten months. Zero physical contact of any sort, not even to pet a dog. No man is an island and in the end, it was my friends that helped me heal; the girlfriend that let me cry on her shoulder when my long-term relationship crumbled, showed that she could survive physical contact with me without getting sick—allowing me integrate one tiny toe placed in front of another, back into society. Sometimes the smallest gestures have the greatest impact.


If you have Morgellons, then I’m talking directly to you. You are courageous to carry such a heavy burden and are not alone on this road—even if it feels that way. I say this for myself as much as to you…forgive yourself for mistakes made unwittingly while journeying this illness, and give yourself a pat on the back for the hurdles you’ve managed to jump. xoxo


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