People begin to wonder if Morgellons is caused by Chemtrails

The disturbing creepy crawly condition, known as Morgellons is causing an uproar of people trying to find an answer. The feeling of bugs crawling underneath your skin, the itchy skin rash and symptoms of fibers coming up, from underneath your skin is just part of the Morgellons nightmare.

Some believe that Morgellons could be caused by Chemtrails and biological warfare due to the concentration of cases in California, Florida and Texas. See the video below. The idea of Morgellons stemming from the controversial topic of “Chemtrails,” has not  been evaluated by a medical professional and is not endorsed by this site.

Fortunately, there is a cure to Morgellons with careful observation by medical professionals diagnosing what is causing your Morgellons, you can find a cure.

View: Morgellons is caused by Chemtrails and biological weapons?


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